Paying for Results, not Expenses

When you ask a good economist to name the most precious capital, their answer will be human capital”. Large oil field, steel production capacity, or a number of tractors produced do not make the company rich. The company grows rich thanks to skilled people in the right place, their excellent skills and ability to adapt to change. As Julian Simon used to say, the ultimate source of wealth is man.

Will Tax Brake Protect Citizens’ Wealth in Slovakia?

One of the basic economic lessons is that the first slice of bread will bring you the highest utility. Definitely, you will be better off than with the second slice, or the third which is rather more likely to bring costs. The law of diminishing marginal utility applies generally to all human action, including the public administration.

Who Will Drive Slovak Drug Ferrari?

The Slovak society has recently experienced number of front-page stories about patients who were refused payment for innovative, highly expensive drugs by health insurance companies. The stories which attracted a lot of emotions and stirred the public are vanguard of much bigger future troubles in public healthcare.

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Real Solutions Instead of Self-Sufficiency for Slovak Agriculture

The low productivity of agriculture and the coronavirus crisis have sparked a discussion about promoting self-sufficiency in agri-food products in Slovakia. Many hope that it is self-sufficiency that will guarantee twice as many cattle grazing on the pastures, tons of Slovak organic meat or eggs from happy free-range hens on the supermarket shelves.

Blanket Pay Rise for Slovak Teachers Is Not a Solution

The Slovak education system has a number of problems but the generally low teacher salary is not one of them. Those who claim the opposite refer to an international comparison: the share of teachers’ wages in wages of university-educated people. Even the government reform plan says that this share reaches 88% on average in the EU, while Slovakia scores a little above 70%. This difference is identified as one of the main reasons why there is a necessity for a blanket pay rise for teachers in Slovakia.

Politicians as Investors

Who is the Oracle of Omaha? Warren Buffet, of course. Without any doubt, the name of this investor can easily be included among world celebrities such as Lionel Messi or Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former has a nose for football, the latter for breath-taking action movies – and Buffet has a good nose for investing.

If I Were Slovak Minister of Education

When you look closely into the part of the Programme statement of the Slovak government devoted to Education, you will find many well-meant objectives and ambitious measures. The first approach encompasses optimization of the network of schools, opening the textbook market, unification and equalization of financing, de-bureaucratization, or simplification of rules guiding establishment of primary schools.


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